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  • What does TechCircle actually do?
    We provide advisory services to African founders who are building tech-enabled businesses/startups by providing all necessary support, leveraging relationships and knowledge we have gathered over a decade working in the techosystem. We also organize events that bring together African founders , funders and everyone in-between.
  • Does TechCircle invest in startups?
    Sometimes. But our primary service is advisory.
  • How is TechCircle different from an investor?
    While an investor does their part by providing the necessary funds, we help make sure those funds are put to the best use. We help to raise funds, to secure partnerships or to help with your first hires. We "hand-hold" you until you are ready to be on your own.
  • What sectors do you work in?
    Like our favorite investors. we are agnostic!
  • Do ideas qualify for your services or an MVP must be ready?
    We prefer to work with founders that have launched their products. However, we are ready to help even if you have not launched. Send an email including your pitch deck and we will get back to you.
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