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TechCircle was born after we failed at building our startups (Callbase and Fonenode).
In that process, we learnt a lot of lessons, made friends and got a deeper understanding of the startup ecosystem.  
We now work with African founders to build tech-enabled businesses/startups by providing all necessary support, leveraging relationships and knowledge we have gathered over a decade working in the space.
We have a portfolio of 10 companies including Paystack which has been acquired by Stripe for over $200 million. 4 other companies in our portfolio have been selected for the Y Combinator accelerator program, some of these startups are, Mecho Autotech and Lemonade Finance. We have supported our startups in raising over $2 million, directly and indirectly, our startups have raised over $50 million. On average, we have 10x their growth within 3 months. The cumulative valuation of our portfolio is about $400 million.
Our mission is to use the power of knowledge, capital and technology to aid African founders. 
We provide advisory services for early-stage founders and investors in the areas of product development, fundraising, deal sourcing and general advisory services. 

Our Services



Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with ecosystem players and garnered an understanding of the space. 


We connect foreign investors, governments and corporate organisations to the home-based African market through ecosystem-wide events, programs and tours. We have executed ecosystem programs with companies like:

  • UK Nigeria Tech Hub

  • Facebook

  • Microsoft

  • Google


We help early-stage founders streamline their product offerings and raise the right funds needed to grow.


Getting your startup off the ground is not as simple as it seems. You have questions, you need funding and sometimes a little push. At TechCircle, we work very closely with you to figure this out, identify your product-market fit and get your first seed.


How we do it

  1. Refine your product (product development strategy)

  2. Focus on achieving success/growth in the right metrics

  3. Work with you on developing your pitch deck

  4. Raise funds/seed from the right investors


We have organized various events to bring different people in the African tech ecosystem together.


Since 2016, TechCircle has hosted Pitch2Win, a hackathon focused on identifying talent and startups in the Nigerian ecosystem. It is a one-day event where the winner goes home with ₦1 million equity-free  


OMWG is an end of year party that brings together various critical players in the Nigerian Technology Ecosystem (Founders, Funders, Developers, Designers, Marketers, Academics, Organizers, Supporters etc) for an evening of music, food, games and entertainment. 

Meet the Team

Our  team brings together a diverse range of talent, expertise and passion which contributes to our success

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