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About TechCircle

TechCircle was born after we failed at building our startups (Callbase and Fonenode).In that process, we learnt a lot of lessons, made friends and got a deeper understanding of the startup ecosystem. We now work with African founders to build tech-enabled businesses/startups by providing all necessary support, leveraging relationships and knowledge we have gathered over a decade working in the space. 

We have a portfolio of 10 companies including Paystack which has been acquired by Stripe for over $200 million. 4 other companies in our portfolio have been selected for the Y Combinator accelerator program, some of these startups are, Mecho Autotech and Lemonade Finance. We have supported our startups in raising over $2 million, directly and indirectly, our startups have raised over $50 million. On average, we have 10x their growth within 3 months.


The cumulative valuation of our portfolio is about $400 million. Our mission is to use the power of knowledge, capital and technology to aid African founders.


We provide advisory services for early-stage founders and investors in the areas of product development, fundraising, deal sourcing and general advisory services. 

Our Services

The TechCircle Team

Our  team brings together a diverse range of talent, expertise and passion which contributes to our success

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