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Enugu Founders Connect: From Coal Miners to Code Miners

Updated: Mar 4

Enugu, once known for its black gold, is now unearthing a different kind of wealth – tech talent and innovative minds building the future.

OO Nwoye and Members of Enugu Tech Community

The growth of the startup ecosystem in Nigeria has been evident in major cities like Lagos, Ibadan, PH and Abuja, it becomes easy to forget that Nigeria is a 36 state country, each with immense potential for innovation and entrepreneurship. This is why TechCircle brought together visionary founders, developers, and tech professionals from across the South-Eastern part of Nigeria to Blueafric’s Media office in GRA Enugu State. The Enugu Founders Mixer was set up to bridge the gap and build connections among startups and founders in the city, and to create a space for knowledge exchange and collaboration. 

Enugu State, renowned for its coal mining boom in the 20th century, is now emerging as the hub for South-East Nigeria's tech ecosystem. This shift is driven by a pool of skilled talent, tech-driven ventures, and a growing tech ecosystem. A prominent venture exemplifying this transformation is Xend Finance, a globally recognised crypto bank and provider of open Web3 infrastructure for developers founded by Enugu's own Ugochukwu Aronu.

At the mixer, Ugochukwu Aronu joined OO Nwoye, founder of TechCircle to converse and share his entrepreneurial journey and the rise of Xend Finance with other founders. During the conversation, Ugochukwu Aronu outlined Investing in local talent, building impactful solutions, and collaborating as ways the founders, investors and stakeholders could build a thriving local ecosystem in the state. According to Ugo, “There is more value in developing talent in Enugu, than seeking talent elsewhere”. OO Nwoye also addressed the audience, offering guidance on navigating the funding landscape. He encouraged founders to prioritise building a valuable product and view funding as an accelerator rather than a rite of passage. 

The Enugu Founders mixer is an example of one of the approaches that the tech community could leverage to build Enugu's full potential as a major player in the Nigerian tech scene. The mixer provided a space not only for exchanging knowledge but also for forging partnerships, collaborations, and potential funding opportunities.

The event concluded with a clear message: Enugu's tech ecosystem has the potential to thrive even in a changing economic landscape. The coal may have defined Enugu's past, but the future whispers of something different - A future fuelled by code, creativity, and the growing determination of its tech talent. And thanks to Oo Nwoye's visit, the whispers are growing louder, urging the world to take notice of the innovation brewing in the Coal City.

The Enugu Founder Mixer is sponsored and supported by Blueafric Media, Wireless, Xend Finance, Digital Dreams ICT Academy, MCBA, Wicrypt and ePay . Thanks for making the event a success!

If you are in South Eastern Nigeria and would like to join the Enugu Tech Community, send a message to

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