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7 Years of OyaMakeWeGroove: Building Bridges in Africa's Tech Ecosystem

OyaMakeWeGroove, hosted by TechCircle's Oo Nwoye, is more than just a party. It's an annual gathering for key players in Africa's tech scene. This year, over 500 guests ranging from founders to seasoned investors to influential corporate leaders, tech media representatives, and even diplomatic figures, came together in London and Lagos to celebrate resilience and build connections.

Beyond the Dance Floor: Highlighting Key Connections

This year's groove themed "Giving Thanks," resonated deeply with the diverse audience. As Oo aptly articulated, "amidst the challenges of 2023 – from political uncertainties and currency fluctuations to sluggish funding rounds and high-profile scandals – we had to give thanks loudly!"

The event provided a much-needed platform to acknowledge these shared experiences and honour the unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit that continues to drive the African tech ecosystem forward. Held in both London and Lagos, the 2023 event was a testament to the global reach and impact of OyaMakeWeGroove. For the "London Stopover", the groove was sponsored by Lemfi, TLPAdvisory, Wimbart, Africa Tech Summit, Verto FX, and Africhange on held on the 1st of December 2023.

Lagos vibrated on December 9th, 2023 with the energy of OyaMakeWeGroove7. Sponsored by a powerful synergy of established players and rising stars like - Waza, Orda, Diligence Africa, Flex Finance ,Venco, Tizeti, Remedial Health , BlocHQ, Paystack, Bitmama., AWS Startups , Google for Startups , MainOne, Motherboard, Kredi Bank, Sabi, Flex Finance, Ubulu, DOA Law, Insurance Meets Tech and 21st Century Evolutions - the event was a vibrant celebration of Nigeria's thriving tech ecosystem. Amidst the stands and festivities, the CEOs and representatives could be found networking amidst the festivities.

The guest list itself was a who's who of African tech royalty. Top ecosystem leaders and sponsors like Damilola Teidi of Ventures Platform, Olumide Soyombo of Voltron Capital, Uzoma Dozie of Sparkle, Media personality Nelly Agbogu of Naija Brand Chick and Tomiwa of TechCabal also graced the event. Afolabi Abimbola, CEO of Kredi Bank, mingled with seasoned industry operators like Ciku Mugambi of Kobo 360 and Lexi Novitske of Norrsken. Tech titans like Amandine Lobelle, COO of Paystack, and Chijioke Dozie, CEO of Carbon, shared ecosystem insights on the red carpet, alongside corporate executives from Shell Nigeria and Adia Sowho of MTN. Community leaders, serial entrepreneurs, and even government officials like Mark Okoye of Anambra State Government could be seen catching up with a few investors.

OO Nwoye, Founder of TechCircle and Host of OyaMakeWeGroove talking to friends and guests

OyaMakeWeGroove7 was not just about the tech; it was a full-on sensory exploration celebrating the heart and soul of Africa. This year, Events by Bellucci thoughtfully curated the event space to host and conjure feasts fit for kings with - platters of tender crocodile, sweet palm wine, the spicy kick of Abacha, and soul-warming pepper soup.

Between bouts of karaoke and high-fives for the Champions League champs, the live band serenaded guests, transporting them to the past and the present with African music. And then, the lights dimmed for Peace Itimi's Documentary - "Rise of Tech in Nigeria" which showcases the raw hustle, the triumphant wins, and the unyielding spirit that birthed the Nigerian tech ecosystem. This powerful narrative not only garnered collective cheers from guests, it reclaimed the story of the African Tech scene from external voices and forged a deeper connection within ecosystem players to their shared journey and the work ahead.

A video short of OyamakeWeGroove

Beyond the Celebration

Beyond the celebration, OyaMakeWeGroove serves as a fertile ground for forging partnerships, it is a space where founders and investors signal their interests and readiness for the year ahead; where connections are forged, deals are whispered, and the seeds for future collaborations are sown. On the red carpet, founders, guests and investors could be heard sharing their optimism, ambition and bold predictions for 2024 with Nwanne. You can watch these red carpet interviews HERE. We eagerly await the exciting stories, partnerships and deals that will emerge from this year's event.

Left to Right: Chude Osiegbu, Founder & CEO of Venco Africa speaking to Nwanne on the red carpet.

When TechCircle is not hosting OyaMakeWeGroove in December, the firm is supporting early stage startups, offering invaluable guidance in fundraising, strategic planning, product development, talent acquisition, and more. Established in 2017, TechCircle is the brain child of Oo Nwoye, and evidence of his commitment to nurture, grow and progress the future of African tech. Annually, the firm hosts two flagship programs, Pitch2Win, an early-stage startup competition, and OyaMakeWeGroove, an annual celebration for the tech ecosystem.

If you are interested in getting involved in the next OyaMakeWeGroove, or you want to explore sponsorship opportunities for TechCircle Events, you can send an inquiry via email to


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